Don't Furry, Be Happy

Animal Rescue

Fosters Needed

We need foster homes of all kinds. We provide supplies & food, our vet partners are in Mississauga, ON & we cover those costs, too!

By fostering, you are saving an animal's life. Without fosters, we can't rescue animals from dire circumstances.

Please apply today:

Our Mission

We are a family-run not-for-profit animal rescue in Newmarket, ON, Canada, whose mission is to help save animals from unneccessary euthanasia, abuse, homelessness, and abandonment. Some animals are placed into foster homes & eventually matched with their FURever parents, whilst others are adopted directly by their new family!

What makes us unique?

  • We are trying to expand our rescue reach by including all kinds of pets who may need to find new, FURever parents.

  • We are foster-based, so our animals are loved, socialized, and well-cared for before moving on to their new permanent homes.

  • We believe it is an extremely difficult and emotional decision to surrender your animal and thus, want to provide you with a non-judgemental and smooth interaction, to ensure you do not feel discouraged from surrendering your animal in the safest way possible to avoid any further rehoming, abuse, and/or unnecessary euthanasia.

  • We do provide our fosters with "first dibs" on the adoption of their foster animal because of the relationship they have already built with them and the rapport that may have developed between them (NOTE: Foster applicants wishing to adopt their foster animal would still need to submit an adoption application and go through the same adoption procedure as others).

  • We are Rabbit and Cat savvy, which sets us apart from many rescues.

  • We have completed doctoral level degrees (PhD) in the fields of Psychology and Biology and thus, have the skills, tools, and experience to adequately assess new owners and foster parents, therefore, our animals are only placed in the most suitable, kind, loving, and caring homes - making them wonderful companions and furry family members.