Here are our adoptables but we have many more listed on our Facebook page! We can't always update the website but our social media accounts are updated daily! 


Located in St. Catherine's, ON

Age: 1 year

Sex: Male (Egyptian Baladi/mix)

Weight: 60 lbs

Woof woof! My name is Bernie, and may I just say, you look like a pawsome candidate for my furever family. Life started out a bit rough for me as a wee pup, wandering the streets of Egypt, but things are looking up now. At 1 and 1/2 years old, I still have that puppy spirit inside me. I've been lucky to live with a foster family for the past 8 months. They love me so much and want to make sure I find the best home ever. Right now, I'm in St. Catharines, waiting for my perfect match.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have loads of energy and love it when my brain gets a workout. I respond really well to mental stimulation and training. So, I'm hoping to find an owner who can give me the freedom I crave, while also providing some structure. Having a doggie door and a fenced-in yard would be a dream come true for me. I thrive when I have the space to entertain myself. I'm a cuddler through and through. If you let me into your bed, we'll have the coziest snuggle sessions at night. Oh, and did I mention how smart I am? I pick up things quickly and love being challenged. So, continuing my training will be super important. You’ll have so much fun watching me grow into your perfect match. Also, I absolutely adore doggie daycare. It's a great way for me to socialize and get all the exercise I need. I do have to be honest with you about walks. Traffic scares me, but I've come a long way. I've learned that cars can take me to fun places, and now I enjoy car rides.  As for other pets, I'm totally cool with cats. Once I sniff them and realize they don't want to play, I leave them alone. Whether you have other dogs or not, I'm adaptable. I'm truly a wonderful pal. I'll be your protector, watching out for squirrels, birds, and any other wildlife that comes our way. All I want is a family to call my own, with older kids who understand my training and respect my needs.

Trust me, I've come a long way. With the help of a trainer, we've improved our communication and now understand each other perfectly. My foster family have been instrumental in demonstrating just how much a good routine, consistency, and unconditional love and acceptance can change your life.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to welcome me into your loving home? I promise to bring endless love, loyalty, and joy to your life. Let's em-bark on this amazing journey together!

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Schomberg, ON

From his foster mama:

From the moment I saw Max, I knew he needed to make his way to Canada to find his forever family.

Max is a 1 yr old male husky. He weighs approx. 45lbs( and needs to gain more weight).

Beautiful, sweet, blue eyed Max came here from Cairo, Egypt, 5 weeks ago. Max was friendly with us from the start and was good with our 3 dogs, but very reserved.

Max spent a lot of time sleeping, the first few weeks and whined if outside walking for too long. He preferred to be in the house, near people and the other dogs, where he felt safe.

As Max gained some weight( he was extremely thin), got his strength back and started to trust us, we started to see more of his personality. He is very much a husky! He howls when he is happy to see you, he is intelligent(a very fast learner)and playful.

He knows sit, stay( though he’s still selective with that), leave it, and walks pretty good on a leash(though still can pull, as huskies tend to do) so we keep working on this.

He is getting better at not bolting out of the house and learning to stay, until we say he can exit the house( still needs work with this as, he can get excited with the other dogs and forget)

Max is always on a leash outside and never outside on his own( he can slip his harness and his collar). While inside, he is also on a leash, attached to me, and this is most of the day while I am home. This keeps him from getting into something he shouldn’t and learn the rules better, etc. Max is very good with just chilling in the kitchen while I putter, or laying by the couch while I watch TV.

Max is being crate trained and though he hated it for  the first few weeks, he is doing very well adjusting to  it. He has stopped whining at night and is good throughout the whole night. The past 2 days he has  started going into the crate on his own and having a sleep with the door open. He still needs coaxing to go in at other times, with a treat. Max s crated when no one is home and through out the day, periodically wen we are.

Max would do well in a house as the only dog, or a house with another dog, but it should be a female dog , unless your male is very docile and submissive. Max was quick to bond with my females but he and my male dog are hot and cold. The more comfortable Max gets, the more he tries to challenge the male. Max being on Leash helps a lot to avoid any issues.

Max is great with children, but sometimes jumps up on young children due to excitement. Though he gets better every day.

Max will bond well with his people and is very content to be nearby relaxing l. He will make a wonderful, loyal companion to anyone willing to take the time, to continue proper training, to help him be the best dog be can be.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Hamilton, ON

Breed: Chihuahua

Gender: Female

Weights: 11 lbs

Age: DOB 01-09-2019

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

Housetrained: In Progress

Crate trained: Yes

Leash Trained: In Progress

Energy level: Low-Medium

Prey Drive: No

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog:

Lulu is just such a joy of a dog. She is so sweet and precious. Lulu just loves to run around with you and loves to get as much pets as she can get. She is such a big cuddler and will try to find her way into your lap and chance she can get. She absolutely loves her fluffy dog beds and her chew toys. She just wants to be around you all the time and be apart of your everyday life.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Richmond Hill, ON

Age: 2.5 years

Sex: Female

Weight: 46 lbs

Hi there. My name’s Chanel. Aren’t I just stunning? I’ve got a beautiful piebald coat of white and gold, and a dashing spot over my eye. Lucky for you, I’m on the search for my forever home.

My idea of the perfect day is one with a long walk (preferably one where I find lots of cool new spots to sniff). Next, we’ll go to the dog park where I meet all my friends, and we play and play and play, while you brag to all the other dog owners about what a lovely companion I am. When we get home, you’ll shower me with treats before we settle in on the couch together for a good, long cuddle session. You’ll notice that I’m the perfect size, and my sweet and gentle disposition makes me an ideal candidate for snuggles.

If you’re looking for a loving, playful, mild-tempered companion, please reach out. I’m sure we’ll be fast friends. Sadly, I was booked to be euthanised due to being surrendered by my owner and because of lack of space in the shelter. With my striking good looks and my fun-loving personality, I’m sure to steal your heart.

I am heartworm negative, spayed and vaccinated.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $650


Located in Brantford, ON

Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Weight: 45 lbs

Spayed, vaccinated & microchipped

Woof! My name’s Jimi, and if you’re looking for a faithful dog companion, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

I’m a beautiful two-year old pup, with a sleek, mocha coat, and beautiful big eyes. Don’t you just want to pet the cute white stripe on my chest? My absolute FAVOURITE thing in the world is PLAYTIME! Specifically, tug-o-war. My friends say I’m super friendly, social, playful, and kind towards my doggo pals. Although I’ve grown out of my puppy phase, you’ll laugh and laugh when the zoomies hit, and I become a mocha-caramel whirl of fun!

Here’s the catch.

I was rescued just before being put to sleep by 15 minutes!! Many of my friends have already succumbed to the same fate. All I need is one person or family to take a chance on me, and I’ll lavish you with all the love, loyalty, and affection my big heart has to offer. My foster mom says I’m a “dream dog”

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Keswick, ON

Sex: Female

Age: 2 years

Weight: 58 lbs

Breed: Lab mix 

Woof woof! Hi friends — let me introduce myself. My name is Khaki, and I am a 2-year-old female dog in search of a loving home. I was rescued from a terrible, high-kill shelter and was going to be put down because I’m shy and anxious 😕 

I have a beautiful caramel-colored coat that is soft to the touch, and my ink-black nose looks like it's been dipped in soot. While I may be a bit shy at first, it won’t take me long to open up. I am a playful dog at heart, and curious too. I love to sniff other dogs and see what they’ve been up to — but I generally have been keeping to myself because life has just been so stressful lately. 

I am hoping to find a forever family who will welcome me with open arms and provide me with all the love, care, and attention that I deserve. I promise to be a loyal and devoted companion who will fill your home with love and joy.

If you are looking for a furry friend who will brighten up your life, look no further! I am eager to meet my new family and start a new chapter in my life full of happiness and love.

Adoption fee is $650

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:


Located in Newmarket, On

Age: 1 year, 8 months

Sex: Female

Weight: 47.8 lbs

Hi, my name is Virginia. If you’re in the market for a super cute dog … know that I’m in the market for a super great forever home! 

As I just mentioned, I am intensely adorable, with pointy ears and a black and white coat. I'm a ball of energy and I love to play with other dogs, and I’m always friendly and social with them. I recently had a great time at playgroup, running around and making friends. I came to the shelter on January 24 and I've been waiting for my forever home ever since. Recently, I spent some one-on-one time with a volunteer who took me out for a fun adventure! I'm such a jovial girl and I love to run and explore, but I also enjoy getting lots of love and attention from people, so snuggle time is an absolute must.

I'm still young at around 1 and a half years old, and I'm already moving out of my puppy stage. I potty well and follow directions. My human pals think I would thrive in an active household where I could go on lots of fun outings to the park or on other adventures. My tongue is constantly wagging as I take in all the sights and sounds around me, and I'm always happy and full of joy!

If you're looking for a loyal and fun-loving companion, I'm your girl! But please don’t wait. I don’t have very long, since the shelter I’m in has marked a lot of my friends for euthanasia, and I could be next. So come meet me and let’s revel in the love we both deserve. 💗

Adoption fee is $850

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:


Introducing 10 little cuties all are Lab mixed and all are currently 11 weeks old! We have named them based on collar colour - feel free to reach out to ask for more photos. These puppies will be ready for adoption when they’re 8 weeks old or older. They’re all sweet, loving and have great temperaments. All saved moments before euthanasia when they were only nursing from Momma

Red collar = Meowth (girl) (Adopted)

Grey collar = Squirtle (boy) (Adopted)

Hot pink collar = Flareon (girl) 

White collar = Jiggypuff (girl) 

Purple collar = Mew (girl)

Green collar = Charizard (boy)

Baby blue collar = Raichu (boy)

Dark green collar = Pikachu (boy)

Adoption fee will include: vaccines, microchip, deworming and Spay/Neuter!

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850 per puppy


Located in Pickering, ON

Male/ 10 weeks old/ vaccinated / microchipped

Shaggy is an extremely intelligent pup who loves to play!

He is shy and timid at first, but once he gets comfortable he's a big bundle of joy who loves belly rubs.

He walks on the leash amazingly well and has learnt to sit and stay in a matter of minutes!

He loves to play with all of his toys and his favourite is tug of war.

He takes naps throughout the day and sleeps so peacefully throughout the entire night.

Shaggy is still learning how to interact with other pups, but he’s perfect with his sister so he definitely enjoys the company of another dog! He loves affection and attention from people and kids!

Shaggy will bring love, cuddles, happiness and entertainment to his furever family!

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $1000 (includes rabies vaccine & neuter when 6 months old)


Located in Toronto, ON

3yr old male neutered Egytpian Baladi / fixed / vaccinated / microchipped

• house trained & knows sit, paw & down

CHARLIE is a happy and extremely affectionate guy! He is happy to be playing outside or snuggling on the couch. He prefers to be with his person when possible but is also fine to be left alone and doesn't get into any trouble. He has an extremely high prey drive and should not be In a home with kitties.

He came to Canada just over a year ago from Egypt. He was adopted quickly but due to a congenital health defect he was surrendered back to DFBH after one year with his Canadian family. Now his medical condition is being managed with an easy tablet once daily which he takes very well, and a low protein kidney specific diet. He does dribble urine at night but is very good about wearing his belly bands. He is a very loyal companion and does funny dinosaur noises when he is super excited.

NOTES: Kidney medication is approx. $30 a month, Kidney special diet is approx. $80 a month, Urine testing needed every 3 months and bloodwork once a year. It should be noted that on this protocol Charlie will live well but will not live as long as other dogs his same breed/size normally would. He also needs a belly band put on at night to reduce urine dribbles in his crate. He is crate-trained. Ideally he would have a home with a yard & an active owner who can take him out for walks at least twice a day! 

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $650


Located in BRANTFORD, ON

Weight: He is approximately 50 lbs.

Good with dogs: Teddy ignores small dogs and likes to wrestle with bigger dogs.   Teddy does best with submissive dogs or dogs that can recognize when he has had enough of playing. He would do best as an only pet.

Good with cats: No

Good with kids: Teddy would do best in a home without children.

Housetrained: In progress. 

Crate Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Teddy is great on the leash.  He requires the occasional reminder not to pull but responds very quickly to corrections.   He knows basic commands like sit and down.  He knows to stay until he is told “free”. As well he knows “place”.

Energy level:  High

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog:  Teddy is a great dog but he is not for first time dog owners.   He is extremely lovable and is always happy to see you.   He has a few quirks worth noting. First off, he has springs as feet!  This boy can jump.  He would make an excellent agility or watersport competitor.  Secondly, when he wags has tail his entire backend moves - he has a wiggly butt. It is absolutely adorable.

Finally, Teddy has anxiety and reactivity. Teddy's foster parents have attended private training lessons and report that he is learning appropriate means of dealing with his anxiety and reactivity.   He wants to please and is a quick learner.  On going training would be extremely beneficial to both Teddy and his future adopters to help them both bond and understand each other's needs and expectations.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $650


Located in BRANTFORD, ON

He is approximately 1.5 - 2 years old.

This handsome dude (male) came from Laredo Shelter. He is a mixed breed dog, likely a boxer mix.

Weight: approximately 70 lbs.

He likes to be around people and he needs someone who is home most of the time. Mango is a very talented escape artist and in the past has escaped a fenced in back yard and escaped from his kennel.  We have been working on crate training and he will go in his kennel on his own and is fine in his kennel overnight.  He has been good in the crate, left alone for short periods of time.

Good with dogs: Yes.  He likes to play and wrestle with other dogs after a proper introduction.  He would do great with other dogs in the home.

Good with cats: He is good with dog savvy cats.

Good with kids: Yes.  Mango is good with all people.  Those that he loves will get showered in kisses .  With guests in the home he is very chill and quiet.

Housetrained: Yes

Leash Trained: In Progress.  He is a strong boy and can pull on the leash. We are working on the pulling and seeing improvement!  Once his energy is out he walks nicely on the leash.  He takes direction very well and wants to please you.

Energy level: High . He likes to run and is very fast.  His recall had been great.

Prey Drive: No

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Neutered

Tell us about this dog:  Mango is a loving dog who just wants a family.  He has some separation anxiety but that is expected with dogs that have been abandoned.  He gravitates towards females but with proper introduction is fine with men.  We constantly get comments about how handsome he is and his soulful brown eyes.  He is not a barker and he quietly observes everyone who comes into the home.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $650

Baby Redd

Located in Newmarket, ON

Age: ~11 months

Sex: Male

Weight: 40lbs

*would do best as an only pet right now*

Meet Baby Redd, one of our rescue puppies. If you are looking for an animal companion, Baby Redd could be the perfect fit for you.

Eager to please and a dedicated learner — especially when motivated by a treat! — Baby Redd is a truly beautiful soul. His idea of the perfect day is spending all day outside in the backyard, lying in a grassy sunspot, sniffing all the things, and chewing on his Benebone. Baby Redd has recently learned how to climb the stairs and sit for a treat, and he would like you to know that he is a Very Good Boy who deserves a lot of love.

With his beautiful copper red coat and his big, gentle eyes, Baby Redd is in need of a loving home that can offer him a quiet life. Baby Redd is working through some nervousness. He’s still a little skittish of loud noises, and he’s a little fearful of cars and trucks around the street, especially when he’s newly awake and still adjusting to his surroundings. When he gets excited on a walk, he does pull on his leash, and as a lot of puppies, he gets a little nippy on the heels when he’s overly revved up, but he’s so eager to please, redirection tactics are working beautifully to positively enforce his good behaviour.

This sweet guy is crate trained, and will sleep soundly through the night, ever so pleased to greet you when you let him out in the morning. He even does well driving, even if he’s a little hesitant at the beginning of the journey. he gets so many comments on his beautiful, gentle eyes.

If you’re interested in meeting Baby Redd, please fill out his form over at the following URL, and don’t wait too long! This beautiful guy is eager to get started on his second leash (hah!) at life.

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Bradford, ON

Age: 2.5 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Australian cattle dog

Introducing Fancy, our resident clever clogs here at Don’t Furry, Be Happy!

This little gourmande has learned a whole bunch of new commands in record-breaking time — of course, it helps that she is all about treats! Fancy would really appreciate an environment where she can be mentally stimulated and positively reinforced to learn her commands with some tasty bites of food. Her foster family finds training her a fun activity, and if you’re thinking of adopting Fancy, we think you will too! This is a dog that absolutely needs mental enrichment, so continuing to add to Fancy’s impressive training lexicon is a must. She also appreciates a good food puzzle or chew toy. Of course, being so smart must be exhausting, and when Fancy’s found a comfy spot to flop onto, she’ll zonk right out.

While Fancy is definitely highly energetic, she’s not hyper — she loves to go on long, adventurous walks, hikes, jogs, and even bike rides. Her foster parents report that she walks very well on a short leash, and nothing gets little Fancy going like a sniffing journey. This pup sure loves to explore by following her nose. Sociable and outgoing, Fancy loves to get along with other dogs, and always wants to play after an introduction. Her foster family thinks she’d do super well in a home with another dog companion.

Energetic little brainiac that she is, sweet Fancy wants nothing more than to love and be loved. If you’re looking for a lap dog, read on, because this affectionate girl loves to crawl into your lap and nuzzle her face into your body. Overall, Fancy is an amazing dog who will make a great addition to any family who can provide her with the love, attention, and mental enrichment. If you're looking for a furry friend who is affectionate, intelligent, and loves to explore, Fancy is the perfect pup for you!

Fancy is truly the full package. Apply to adopt Fancy today!

Apply now: to fill out the “Rescue Dog Adoption Application” form. With any luck, Fancy will be at your side (or more likely, on your lap) in just a short while.

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Markham, ON

Sex: Male

Age: 6 months / neutered

Weight: 32 lbs

Breed: Boxer / Lab mix

M&M is a handsome, black puppy who's looking for his forever home! This 6-month-old male pup is a boxer/Lab mix, with a heart full of love and a tail that never stops wagging. This pup’s origin story begins with a close rescue from death row at a kill shelter. Thousands of innocent puppies just like him are unfairly marked for euthanasia every day.

Despite his harrowing journey, M&M has nothing but love to give: he is friendly, confident, and comfortable in social situations. Very playful and amicable, with an affectionate nature, he loves nothing more than to run around in the backyard during the day. He loves to soak up the sun and is an explorer at heart. M&M is good with other dogs, and great with people. Housetrained and crate-trained, M&M is sleeping through the night with nary a whimper or disturbance — but he’s still not quite sure what to do about stairs, and he won’t go up them. He’s also quickly learning different commands & catching on fast!

If you're looking for a furry friend to add to your family, M&M could be the perfect fit. He's playful, energetic, and always ready for a good snuggle session. With his charming personality and adorable looks, he's sure to steal your heart in no time. We know he deserves nothing but love and affection, and M&M has so much love to give in return. Fill out his “Rescue Dog Adoption Application” form at the URL linked — we guarantee you won't be able to resist his charm!

Adoption fee is $900


Breed: Pointer/ Cattle Dog mix

Gender: Male

Weights: 46 lbs

Age: 2 yrs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: yes

Good with kids: Yes older kids

Housetrained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Energy level: Medium

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog: Kody was saved from euthanization at a high kill shelter in San Antonio,  Tx. It is believed that at some point Kody was physically abused and would get defensive when he felt threatened.

Kody has come a long ways and his trust in people has grew more and more everyday. He is an active fun boy who loves kids, getting belly rubs, and playing with toys.  Kody is very treat motivated and is eager to learn new things. He enjoys car rides. Kody loves going for walks, hiking, and/or jogging.

Kody had been through behavioral training prior to coming into our rescue. These are notes from the trainer.

Kody knows multiple commands. Below are the commands he knows and notes from his trainer:

- look at me/pay attention


Come here- recall

Touch- nose to hand target command

Wait- pause in action- ESPECIALLY at doors!!

Settle- relax

Leave it- back away and leave that alone (barking/fixation/food/ leash excitement)

Place- go to k-bed (point)

Let’s go- change in direction/follow me

Kennel- go into kennel or crate

“Uh-uh”(buzzer type sound) or firm NO SIR for verbal correction.

“Ok” for release


- ANY resource guarding must be corrected verbally and redirected with obedience. As soon as he trusts you he is fine, but with new people He will test. ANY physical threat or punishment will overwhelm and escalate him- his behavior demonstrated that someone tried to punish the growling out of him and he gets defensive- you must redirect him into the bed and release him to eat when friendly and calm.

He is calmer and eats better in a home environment- crate, hand feeding or bowl by your feet in a house he does well with. In a kennel he tends to be more defensive, so work outside the kennel barrier, then move inside and get him comfortable with you being in there with him while he eats before touching him while he eats.


Adoption fee is $650


Located in Newmarket, ON

Age: 2 years, 3 months

Sex: Female

Weight: 65 lbs

Breed: Rottweiler x Labrador Retriever

**Notes: Heartworm Positive - started slow kill on May 5th, 2023**

It’s our absolute pleasure to introduce Rashanna, a gentle beauty looking for a loving home to call her own. Though she might be a bit reserved at first, she is truly an affectionate creature who is always looking to her humans for love, affection, kisses, pets, and snuggles. Eager to please — especially when motivated by a tasty treat — Rashanna is housetrained, has already been taught to sit on command, and navigated crate training like a total pro. Her crate has actually become one of her favourite spots to chill out.

Sweet as can be, this lovely girl responds very well to positive reinforcement. Her curiosity shines through even when she’s initially shy. Although Rashanna has not been tested around children or cats, she is very polite when introduced to new dogs and humans (but she does seem to be more interested in humans)!

Rashanna’s idea of the perfect day starts with a morning walk, with plenty of stops at her favourite places to sniff. She’s great on a leash and minds corrections very well. Back at home, she’ll follow you around with adoring eyes that seem to gaze right into your soul, and her calm energy will effuse into your household. Come treat or mealtime, Rashanna’s clumsy antics will make you laugh and laugh — watching her gallivant around with limbs akimbo, or trying to navigate stairs, is a hoot. Her foster parents affirm that her sweet, clumsy, gentle nature makes her one of the most charming pups they’ve ever had the pleasure to host. When time comes for Rashanna to clamber into the car, you’ll be surprised to note that this silly girl actually loves a car ride!

Originally rescued from a kill shelter, Rashanna has come such a long way, and with your help, she can live happily ever after in the loving home that she deserves. If you’re interested in applying to bring this beauty home, you can find Rashanna’s application link here:

“Rescue Dog Adoption Application” form here:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Toronto, ON

Female / 10 weeks approx / vaccinated / microchipped

Scooby comes off as poised and a little shy at first, but she loves to play and get rubs and cuddles from anyone she can! She is extremely intelligent and learned to sit and stay within just a few minutes. She goes right to her crate when she's ready for a nap and sleeps all throughout the night.

Her favourite thing to do is to sit and watch her brother entertain her.

She is still learning to get comfortable with other pups but she loves playing with people and kids!

She's very curious and is always wanting to see what's happening around her!

She loves her cuddles and will be the perfect pup for anyone looking for a fun loving, affectionate and joyful pup!

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $900


Located in Mississauga, ON

2.5 years /Male/60 lbs

What’s black and white and sweet all over? Meet DFBH’s sweetheart, Sully! A real snuggler, he’ll burrow his face into you to tell you he loves you. When Sully gently rubs his forehead against yours, you’ll know you’ve found a place in his heart forever — and when he wants head scratches and kisses, he’ll bow his head right into your lap. Sully loves all kinds of people and children, and is so friendly, he’ll do a happy little jump when he’s excited! (He doesn’t jump on people, though.) Building bonds quickly is one of Sully's remarkable traits. He cherishes his people and wants to be close to them — he’ll even find a familiar scent on a jacket/blanket and snuggle up to that. Sully is always so happy to see his people again (even though he doesn’t have separation anxiety!). Sully is a clever guy who is super motivated by food — two great foundations for a dog who enjoys training time. His foster family is thrilled to report Sully learned the "down" cue, and has developed good recall skills with just two days of indoor training. Sully's love for puzzle feeders showcases his problem-solving skills and eagerness to engage his mind. House-trained and crate-trained. Sully loves his walks and is eager to meet other dogs. So far, he has exhibited no aggression, even when faced with lunging/aggressive barking from other dogs. He remains calm, doesn't retreat, & continues his stroll. Sully doesn't show leash reactivity towards other dogs/humans; he does show interest in greeting those he passes. However, interested adopters should know that Sully has a strong prey drive, which means he may pull if he spots a squirrel/cat. It's important for his new human to be dedicated and patient to work with redirecting Sully when he experiences a prey trigger. Sully responds well to leash cues like "this way" and "let's go,”. Car rides are a breeze with Sully! He will jump right in; no motion sickness/anxiety. He is looking for a home without small pets (including smaller dogs), and with humans experienced in handling breeds with a strong prey drive. Please apply at

Adoption fee is $850


Female / 33 lbs / 2 years old / spayed / vaccinated / microchipped / Australian Shepherd mix

Located in Guelph, ON

**Notes: missing one eye, a congenital defect she was born with

Meet beautiful Sheila, she is 33 lbs and is a perfect smallish medium dog! She’s calm, quiet and pretty timid to start. She needs someone patient to let her come out of her shell & to feel secure and safe. We don’t know her history but we do know she’s not aggressive at all and doesn’t have any separation anxiety. She is crate-trained and in fact loves to retreat to her crate when feeling overwhelmed. She gets along with other dogs well. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. However, a quieter adult-only home is preferred.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Female / 2 years old / 40 lbs / spayed / vaccinated / microchipped / Terrier mix

Located in Cobourg, ON

**Notes: Frida is a flight risk / escape artist & therefore a fenced yard us a must. She cannot be off-leash in public areas or dog parks. Preference will be given to those with a friendly medium or large breed dog as this would be key to Frida’s comfort & feeling confident in her new home.

Meet beautiful Frida, she is a perfect smallish medium dog! She’s calm, quiet and pretty timid to start. She needs someone patient to let her come out of her shell & to feel secure and safe. We don’t know her history but we do know she’s not aggressive at all. She was pregnant when found as a stray & the shelter aborted and spayed her. She does not like to be crated and will lose her mind if left in one for long periods. She gets along with other dogs and is good with kids. She is housetrained / never had an accident.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $650


Located in BRANTFORD, ON

Weight: She is approximately 50lbs

Age:  2 years

Good with dogs:  She has not been tested with smaller dogs.  She has seen small dogs and barks at them .   With proper introductions She is great with bigger male dogs and respects their cues. 

Good with cats: No - she barks at the cats in the house and wants to chase them.  With training she may stop this behavior.

Good with kids: She is fantastic with our 8 year-old.   She can be exuberant in showing her love however.  That being said she responds to the word NO.

Housetrained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes

Leash Trained:  She is fantastic on leash and does not pull. 

Energy level:  Medium-high.

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog:  She is absolutely stunning  to look at .  She is a light brown that in some light looks like she is grey.  Her tan eyes and eyelashes will make you swoon.

She lives for car rides and when walking her, she sometimes stops in front of a car door and expects you to let her in (whether it is your car or not).    She would do great with an active family that can take her with them on their adventures.

She gets along great with big male dogs.  She can be quite the flirt in fact.  She does bark at other dogs on the leash but it is from excitement. 

If you like car rides, cuddles, walks/hikes and dogs, she is the one for you!

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Niagara Falls, ON

Female/ 6 months / spayed/ vaccinated/microchipped / husky x shepherd

Kip is the sweetest scampy puppy you’ll ever meet! Once she warms up to you, you’ll be constantly delighted by how eager to please and love you she is. Like a typical puppy, she needs a little guidance on the occasional indoor accident and direction on what NOT to put in her mouth! But she already knows sit, stay and takes direction from my dogs so well. She came to me extremely fearful, but with kindness and patience she is doing so well on her confidence! She would do well in a more quiet home with older kids who can understand that she is timid and sensitive to noise. I wouldn’t recommend introducing her to large groups of dogs but a canine companion at her forever home to play with would help her feel comfortable just being her wonderful playful self!

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Bradford, ON

A total love who wants nothing but your love and affection. She is wonderful with everyone she has met, but does need a specific type of foster or adopter.

No cats

No dogs

No kids

Fenced yard is ideal

She doesn’t bark. She walks beautifully. She’s decent in the car. She never has accidents. She doesn’t need to be crated, she’s not destructive. She loves toys and is super motivated for them. She has no food aggressions or possessiveness.

She would be a great fit for an older person or couple who want an easy going dog for walks and car rides.

Like most huskies, cats are not permitted. She likes other dogs in very small doses but is territorial and tires of them quickly, which sometimes has started a fight. Therefore, a home with no other pets and small children is a requirement. She doesn’t react to other dogs on walks and is otherwise very easy going and a total couch potato. She does love to play with other dogs, so even play dates with family and friends dogs would be nice, but she does need her own space.

She requires either a foster or foster to adopt home. She is vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. She was rescued from a euthanisia list from a shelter in Texas and has been given a second chance at life. She is heartworm positive and is receiving a slow kill treatment.

You can find my form "Foster Application Form for Cats, Dogs & Rabbits" at:

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Located in Brantford, ON


Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Weight: 45 lbs

Woof! My name’s Jimi, and if you’re looking for a faithful, affectionate, sweet dog companion, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

I’m a beautiful two-year old pup, with a sleek, mocha coat, and beautiful big eyes. Don’t you just want to pet the cute white stripe on my chest? My absolute FAVOURITE thing in the world is PLAYTIME! Specifically, tug-o-war. My friends say I’m super friendly, social, playful, and kind towards my doggo pals. Although I’ve grown out of my puppy phase, you’ll laugh and laugh when the zoomies hit, and I become a mocha-caramel whirl of fun! I’m crate trained, leash trained and house trained. I’m good with dogs and kids - never tested with cats. I’m a very happy girl who deserves the absolute best life

From her foster dad: Jimi is an amazing, sweet, all around pup. Loves to lay on the couch with you and just melts when given attention and love. She can also, run and play in the yard and loves to fetch the toy. Good with other dogs as long as she can be the boss. Will let the other dog know she is in charge but nothing nasty just a little bark or putting her head on top of theirs.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850