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Male / Shepherd x Golden Retriever mix / 1.5 years / 57 lbs

This cutie is available for adoption, saved from euthanasia and looking for his forever home now!

He is good with other dogs, with children & people & cats! He is also fixed, vaccinated & microchipped. He is heartworm negative.

He is a gentle boy, full of cuddles and kisses for everyone. Regardless of who he meets, he loves them & they love him. Anyone would truly be lucky to add this boy to their family! 

Fostered in Ayr, ON

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $850


Fostered in Aurora, ON

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Sex: Female

Age: 6 months

Good with dogs? Yes – living with another dog

Good with cats? Yes – met cat in house and isn’t too interested

Good with people? Yes – though apparently nervous around men (we haven’t witnessed this yet)

Needs another dog in the home? Not necessarily

Energy level? Puppy so high energy

Housetrained? Work in progress

Leash trained? In progress - good on a leash so far

Crate trained? Yes

Health concerns? No

Behavioural concerns? No

Spayed? Will be

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Will be

I’m the new girl, Missy. I’m a 25 pound, female shepherd mix and I’m 6 months old.

Some words to describe me:

BOUNCY – I’m a goof and I like to play. I also like to jump up on people so we are working on that!

FRIENDLY – Once I’ve warmed up to you, I love to be around people and will happily lay at your feet

SWEET – I have a sweet side as well and like ear scratches and belly rubs from anyone

SMART – I learned quickly where I should go to do my business and I’m accident-free in my Foster home

My foster family thinks I am a very good pup. I am currently living with a 2-year-old dog and a cat. I like to be around people as well as the dog in this house. I really like to play! I love to play chase with the other dog in the house or just sit quietly with a toy. I wasn’t crate trained when I first arrived here however, I’m proud to say that my training is going really well! Though sometimes I whine or bark a little when I first go into the crate, I do eventually settle when foster mom shushes me. I am quiet in my crate overnight. I currently go into my crate at about 11:00 pm and I’m quiet until about 7:30 am. I have all my daytime naps in my crate and Foster mom follows a schedule of 1 hour out of the crate and 2 hours in the crate during the day. When I’m let out of my crate, I get my leash on and head right out the door to pee. Foster mom also feeds me in my crate to help me identify that it is a positive space. My house training is going really well. Consistency is the key! I haven’t had any accidents in the home since I arrived here. Foster mom keeps me on a schedule – when I’m out of my crate, I go outside every half an hour or so to do my business. Foster mom also picks up my water by 8 pm so I can sleep through the night without accidents. Keeping me on a leash when I’m not in my crate will help my house-training progress. This way, you can keep an eye on me and take me outside quickly if I start to have an accident in the house. I’m learning to walk on a leash and it’s going well. I am a little timid still about the whole big world but Foster mom is seeing improvement and every time we go out I continue to gain confidence. I can zig zag or stop to take a sniff of something interesting from time to time. When that happens, foster mom gives a quick tug on my leash and says the command “come!” so I get moving again. She sometimes turns and walks the other way to redirect me.

If you’re looking to adopt a puppy with a sweet personality, I’m your girl!


Adoption fee is $850


Breed: Rat Terrier / Chihuahua mix

Gender: Female

Weights: 6 lbs

Age: DOB 9-29-23

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes

House-trained: In Progress

Crate trained: No

Leash Trained: No

Energy level: Medium

Prey Drive: None known

Health Concerns: No

HW status: Too Young

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog: Maggie and her siblings came from Laredo. They were discarded like trash and found by a good Samaritan.

Maggie is a cute little cuddle bug. She is a loving pup that is always as cute as can be. Maggie likes getting cuddles and lots of yummy treats. She really enjoys a Kong toy filled with peanut butter. It will keep her occupied for quite awhile. Maggie is a versatile girl. Shes happy being with other animals or being on her own. As long as she has her toys she is a happy girl.

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $900


Located in Brampton, ON

Weight: He is approximately 50 lbs.

Good with dogs: Teddy ignores small dogs and likes to wrestle with bigger dogs.   Teddy does best with submissive dogs or dogs that can recognize when he has had enough of playing. He would do best as an only pet.

Good with cats: No

Good with kids: Teddy would do best in a home without children.

Housetrained: In progress. 

Crate Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Teddy is great on the leash.  He requires the occasional reminder not to pull but responds very quickly to corrections.   He knows basic commands like sit and down.  He knows to stay until he is told “free”. As well he knows “place”.

Energy level:  High

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog:  Teddy is a great dog but he is not for first time dog owners.   He is extremely lovable and is always happy to see you.   He has a few quirks worth noting. First off, he has springs as feet!  This boy can jump.  He would make an excellent agility or watersport competitor.  Secondly, when he wags has tail his entire backend moves - he has a wiggly butt. It is absolutely adorable.

Finally, Teddy has anxiety and reactivity. Teddy's foster parents have attended private training lessons and report that he is learning appropriate means of dealing with his anxiety and reactivity.   He wants to please and is a quick learner.  On going training would be extremely beneficial to both Teddy and his future adopters to help them both bond and understand each other's needs and expectations.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $200


Breed: Pointer/ Cattle Dog mix

Gender: Male

Weights: 46 lbs

Age: 2 yrs

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: yes

Good with kids: Yes older kids

Housetrained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Energy level: Medium

Health Concerns: None

HW status: Negative

Spay/neutered?: Yes

Tell us about this dog: Kody was saved from euthanization at a high kill shelter in San Antonio, Tx. It is believed that at some point Kody was physically abused and would get defensive when he felt threatened.

Kody has come a long ways and his trust in people has grew more and more everyday. He is an active fun boy who loves kids, getting belly rubs, and playing with toys. Kody is very treat motivated and is eager to learn new things. He enjoys car rides. Kody loves going for walks, hiking, and/or jogging.

Kody had been through behavioral training prior to coming into our rescue. These are notes from the trainer.

Kody knows multiple commands. Below are the commands he knows and notes from his trainer:

- look at me/pay attention


Come here- recall

Touch- nose to hand target command

Wait- pause in action- ESPECIALLY at doors!!

Settle- relax

Leave it- back away and leave that alone (barking/fixation/food/ leash excitement)

Place- go to k-bed (point)

Let’s go- change in direction/follow me

Kennel- go into kennel or crate

“Uh-uh”(buzzer type sound) or firm NO SIR for verbal correction.

“Ok” for release


- ANY resource guarding must be corrected verbally and redirected with obedience. As soon as he trusts you he is fine, but with new people He will test. ANY physical threat or punishment will overwhelm and escalate him- his behavior demonstrated that someone tried to punish the growling out of him and he gets defensive- you must redirect him into the bed and release him to eat when friendly and calm.

He is calmer and eats better in a home environment- crate, hand feeding or bowl by your feet in a house he does well with. In a kennel he tends to be more defensive, so work outside the kennel barrier, then move inside and get him comfortable with you being in there with him while he eats before touching him while he eats.

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $200


Female / 46 lbs / Shar Pei mix (only guessing based on appearance) / Approx 5 yrs

Lily was rescued from euthanasia / she had a litter and all passed except for one, whom she was rescued with as well. Her body is covered in small scars and we don’t know if she was abused before or simply attacked by other dogs, she also has rough skin around her elbows from sleeping on hard floors & concrete. We suspect she could have been used as a bait dog due to the amount of little cuts and wounds all over her. Nonetheless she’s still gorgeous & deserves a wonderful home!

This girl is super quiet, and scared at the start. She is also Houdini when it comes to crates and doors lol. She’s a beautiful, submissive girl, who has been through the ringer & deserves to live a quiet / calm life where she can feel safe for the rest of her years. However, she really doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs - so it would be best if she was the only pet because she really deserves to get all the attention of her new family & to help her come out of her shell. She’s a very scared girl (not aggressive) but super unsure of the outside world!

Located in Brampton, ON

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $500


Male / Rhodesian Ridgeback x Hound Mix / 6 months old

32 lbs / Fixed

Located in Oakville, ON

From foster mom:

Bailey is a good natured, friendly, easy-going puppy. He is a highly intelligent boy who learns quickly. Bailey is also highly observant and is always looking and listening for cues from his foster mom. He is good with kids, cats, other dogs and everyone he meets. Bailey is crate trained and has his naps and sleep through the night in his crate. He is an affectionate boy with a great temperament.

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $850


(previously Savasana)

Female / 5.5 months old / husky mix

This beautiful girl is good with dogs, kids and cats. She tries to play with the cats but they don’t really care for her shenanigans! She’s housetrained & cratetrained & leashtrained. She is a beauty whose siblings have all been adopted & their pet parents rave about them! They have wonderful temperaments & were originally rescued from up north (remote communities in Northern Ontario). She is currently fostered in Hamilton, ON.

Foster to adopt homes welcome!

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $850


Female / 18 lbs / Dutch shepherd mix

As you know we always take in black pups because we feel so bad for them as they’re always the last to be adopted this beauty was found as a stray in Chatham-Kent and was unclaimed. The shelter there sent her to us for a better life outside of a kennel! She’s 4 months old, already fixed and microchipped + vaccinated.

She’s a happy, joyful puppy who aims to please. Extremely smart & her foster dad loves her and has nothing but good stuff to say about her

She’s catching onto housetraining & leash training. She’s a sweetie pie who loves a good chew.

She’s available for foster to adopt or straight adoption.

Please apply now!

Located in Georgina Island, ON

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $850


Female / 11 months / 45 lbs approx 

Fixed, vaccinated, microchipped & healthy. Is currently being treated for Anaplasma - she’s on 28 days of doxycycline & anyone interested in fostering to adopt will be provided with her antibiotics. 

She is the SWEETEST happy go lucky pup ever!!! Gets along with everyone & is obsessed with kids. She’s a smart girl and knows a few commands like “sit”. She’s house-trained & crate-trained. 

She’s definitely a catch for anyone looking for their next best friend!! 

Fostered in Hamilton, ON 

*never tested with cats sorry* 

Adoption fee is $850

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:


Age (approx) - 1 Year, 2 Months

Size - Medium

Sex - Male

Breed - Mixed

Neutered - yes

Good With Children


Housetrained - yes

Good With Dogs - yes / but not yet perfect

Gio has brief reactivity towards other dogs when on leash. When out walking and he sees a dog on a leash Gio will loudly bark and lunge, but with his tail wagging.  He is great at listening to the “stop” command and can settle quickly.  He will need someone that is patient with him and can help him learn proper street manners.

Inside the home Gio is quick to make friends with dogs that come over to visit him.  Slow introductions work best for him. He is not food aggressive and sometimes will share his comfy bed.

Good with cats?  Yes. Gio lives with two cats and they all get along well.

Gio is a very well behaved dog. He comes when called, sits, and lays down. He is learning to shake his paw and is a very quick learner.

Gio is very passive around people and reacts well to visitors. He loves to be near people all the time and is always happy to snuggle on the couch.

Gio impresses everyone he comes in contact with due to his sweet, calm and friendly personality.

Gio has some anxiety when home alone. He is being crate trained, but when the owners are out he scratches at the crate/bedding. He does not bark or howl. He is totally fine in a crate if it is in a room with people present (such as at bedtime).

Fostered in Milton, ON


Gio was found wandering with his brother Gucci as puppies in Barbados. They have been fostered while waiting and hoping for a forever home for quite some time. They have grown into lovely dogs, friendly and happy boys.

Gio would be fine in a home with children, normal rules withstanding for kids and dogs and supervision etc.

Gio is not suitable for an apartment as he would benefit most from a home with an enclosed yard where he can run around.

Gio is approximately 34lbs

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $650


Located in Toronto, ON

3yr old male neutered Egyptian Baladi but looks like a whippet/lab mix based on breed identification apps / fixed / vaccinated / microchipped

• house trained & knows sit, paw & down

CHARLIE is a happy and extremely affectionate guy! He is happy to be playing outside or snuggling on the couch. He prefers to be with his person when possible but is also fine to be left alone and doesn't get into any trouble. He has an extremely high prey drive and should not be In a home with kitties.

He was adopted quickly but due to a congenital health defect he was surrendered back to DFBH after one year with his Canadian family. Now his medical condition is being managed with an easy tablet once daily which he takes very well, and a low protein kidney specific diet. He does dribble urine at night but is very good about wearing his belly bands. He is a very loyal companion and does funny dinosaur noises when he is super excited.

NOTES: Kidney medication is approx. $30 a month, Kidney special diet is approx. $80 a month, Urine testing needed every 3 months and bloodwork once a year. It should be noted that on this protocol Charlie will live well but will not live as long as other dogs his same breed/size normally would. He also needs a belly band put on at night to reduce urine dribbles in his crate. He is crate-trained. Ideally he would have a home with a yard & an active owner who can take him out for walks at least twice a day! 

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Adoption fee is $200


Located in Newmarket, ON

Breed: Labradoodle/Black Mouth Curr

Sex: Male

Age: 2 months

Good with dogs?  Yes – lives with a 15 month old golden

Good with cats? Unknown

Good with people?  Loves children

Needs another dog in the home? I sure love my brother and furry foster sister, but with lots of human love I’m sure I would be happy too

Energy level? Running, jumping, climbing, exploring - I love to run

Housetrained? Pretty good, working on going to to door to be let out

Leash trained? Work in progress

Crate trained?  In progress but almost yes

Health concerns?  None

Behavioural concerns? None

Neutered?  No

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Yes

I love staying up past my bedtime when all is quiet and there are humans to love and cuddle with. I talk up a storm and always have so much to say. I like long car rides. I love exploring the outdoors and I am the last one to always come back inside. I sit on command, I am learning to be patient with my food and I am working on ‘stay’ and ‘off’ and ‘leave it’. My foster Mom thinks I am going to be super easy to train and I learn quickly.

I sleep in my crate through the night with my brother but I am always the first one up in the morning ready to play.

I am always looking for cuddles and love to be snuggled on the couch with my family members.

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $900


Fostered in Newmarket

Labradoodle Mix / Male/8 weeks 

Good with dogs? Yes – living with another dog

Good with cats? Yes, but I am a puppy so I still like to chase them 

Good with people? Yes

Needs another dog in the home? Not necessarily

Energy level? Young and active but I like to take morning and afternoon naps

Housetrained? Pee pad trained with a few accidents, will also go outdoors but not consistently yet.

Leash trained? In progress - good on a leash so far

Crate trained? Yes

Health concerns? No

Behavioural concerns? No

Neutered? No

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Yes

Few words to describe me:

Friendly – Loves to be around people and dogs

Playful - His favourite thing to do is chase his toys 

Smart - can figure out where the hidden treats are and is starting to learn key words, like yes!, and sit.

A few other things about Havoc:

Hi! I’m Havoc and unlike my name implies I am the sweetest boy! I am very interested in everything my foster family is doing, and enjoy being part of all the action.

I am very smart and friendly, I love trying to get hidden treats out of toys and making my play toys squeak using my nose and paws. 

I have tons of energy, I love chasing balls and chewing on ice cubes. 

I am good at using the pee pads, although I sometimes still miss, I am trying very hard to please. 

I like exploring outside and I am getting use to my leash and harness.

After all that excitement, I love to cuddle and take long naps. 

I sleep in my crate off and on throughout the day. At night night time, that’s where I sleep without much of a fuss and if treats are involved I will go into it on my own.  

I like to play with the big family dog in the house by jumping and sharing the toys, we get along very well, and although I have lots of puppy energy I know when to give him his space. 

My foster mom says I have the cutest face and when I look at her with my big eyes she always wants to cuddle, good thing that I love to cuddle and give kisses too!

If you are looking for a loyal, cuddly, and forever friend I am the pup for you!

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $900


Located in Burlington, ON 

Breed Labradoodle x Black Mouth Cur Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 8 Weeks

Good with dogs? - Yes

Good with cats? Never been near one.

Needs another dog in the house? No

Energy Level? Energetic at times, but also can be calm.

Housetrained? Working on it! Great on pee pads.

Leash Trained? Too young for walks.

Crate trained? Loves his pen!

Health Concerns? No

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Yes 

Hi, my name is Pyro and I am an adorable and affectionate little pup. My hobbies are running around in a circle, chewing my toys and snuggling! I play hard and sleep hard, just like puppies should do. My foster mom is proud of me for sleeping all night in my pen and for using pee pads. I also like doing my “business” outside! I love all humans and don’t find any scary at all. In fact I cry when I am left alone, but that could be because I’m still a baby. If you are looking for a loving puppy to play and snuggle with, please adopt me!

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $900


Female / 12 years / spayed 

Cairn Terrier x mini Schnauzer cross 

Meet Jazz the senior dog dumped at a shelter & who deserves a great home to live out the rest of her life. She’s 19 lbs & has a beautiful Smokey coloured coat! She will need regular grooming & brushing. She was severely matted when we rescued her, with feces cemented into her coat :(

We don’t know a whole lot about her past but she has lived in a home & was housetrained. Accidents should be expected as she adjusts to her new home! She does not belong in a shelter & should have a warm comfy dog bed to lounge in :) 

Health notes: 

- cataracts on eyes from old age (no treatment needed right now) 

- can nip when stressed out (kids are not advised) 

- a very patient, kind owner is needed 

- has some stomach sensitivities and seems to be quite picky with food, eating very little if not encouraged 

- we therefore need an owner who’s home most of the time (retired or works from home) & who is extremely patient to allow Jazzy to open up and feel safe

If you’d like to foster to adopt Jazz apply now: 

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:

Currently in Hamilton, ON

Adoption fee is $500


Female / 40 lbs / Doberman mix / 10 months old 

She is fixed, vaccinated & microchipped. She is heartworm negative. 

She is good with other dogs & great with people! 

Located near Hamilton,on 

Adoption fee is $850

You can find my form " Rescue Dog Adoption Application" at:


Female / 1.5 years / 42 lbs / Basset Hound Mix

This comical girl is Daisy - she was rescued from euthanasia & is now looking for her happily ever after. She is definitely a riot to be around - she is HIGH energy so if you’re looking for a running buddy, a hiking pal, or simply a pup to keep you on your toes & active, then she’s the girl for you.

Some notes:

- learning about the leash currently but will pull when other dogs pass by to run to them

-She is very energetic and would probably do well in an active household with an enclosed yard!

-No kids because when she plays she can be rough and mouthy

- no cats as she does try to jump on them & chase them

Overall super friendly and just wants to play with everyone

She is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped & Heartworm negative - recently dewormed & had flea/tick applied.

Located in Sudbury, ON (Transportation available if necessary)

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $850


7.5 months / male / fixed / Boxer mix

Dogs: Great, no reactivity on leash when seeing other dogs.

Cats: Nothing to report

Crate Trained: Does well in crate, sleeps with no issues and has quiet time during the day with no whining

Leash trained:Walks great on leash, no pulling or reactivity. Would do well with proper leash training program which we have started

House Trained: seems very close to being house trained. 100% pee outside, other business needs more consistency outside

Quirks: very silly boy!  Very affectionate and so lovable!

He’s a wonderful family dog & could also be with a single owner. He could live with other dogs or without. He’s simply a sweetheart who deserves the best life!

Located in Hamilton, ON

You can find my form “ Rescue Dog Adoption Application” at:

Adoption fee is $900