Located downtown Toronto, ON

Friendly with people kids cats dogs? Yes, especially Jean. He is super social, we had him first and he was exposed to dogs. Pichu we got a bit later and she is social but prefers Jean.

Ages? Jean is 4 years old, Pichu is 3

Genders? Jean is male and Pichu is female. They are the sweetest couple.

Breeds? Jean is a Netherland Dwarf and Pichu is a lionhead dwarf

Reason for surrender? Moving countries

Fixed? Yes Jean is neutered and Pichu is spayed. We have both certificates from the vets. They are fully bonded too.

Litter trained? Yes, remarkably Pichu helped litter train Jean.

Current set up at home? They are in a large grid area now that we are living in a house. Before we were in a small apartment and they free roamed so are used to both.

You can find my form “Rabbit Adoption Application Form” at: https://form.jotform.com/211975244721254

Adoption fee is $100 for both