Doggy Bags Program

We are excited to announce our new program called DOGGY BAGS. 

The program will be available to those in Newmarket and closely surrounding areas (as it’s a “pick-up”-only program & pick-up is in Newmarket).

What is it?

Starting February 1st, 2023, low-Income households with a dog(s) can come & pick up a FREE bag of supplies/food from our rescue. You would need to re-apply each month if a new bag is needed. 

How to get your bag:

You will need to fill out an order form here: & once we receive your order form your bag will be prepared and ready for pick up!

Why are we doing this?

This program allows us to share our donations with those who also need some help, donations that our organization generously receives each week from our community. This initiative is part of an ongoing effort to support our local doggy community by helping their humans, and in turn, keeping dogs safe and happy, even if their owners fall under hard times.

Please share

We look forward to helping you & your doggies!