Q: Why do you rescue from abroad?

Animals in other countries (including the US) are treated inhumanely and have no rights. The need is high abroad and i have made it my personal mission to rescue as many animals from these atrocious conditions as i can, by finding them loving, forever homes in our beautiful country - canada. animals abroad are poisoned, shot, acid burned, raped, abused, left to starve, etc. etc. the list goes on. this is why, even though i also do rescue locally, my focus is on those at greatest risk of death. 

Q: What's the difference between fostering & foster-to-adopt?

*Fostering is sort of like pet-sitting. We provide supplies & cover necessary vetting of the animals as they are still under our rescue care but you provide a home for them to live in until they are adopted.

*foster-to-adopt is basically adoption but you have a 2 week trial period before fully committing to adoption. This is a great way to ensure you and the animal are a good fit for one another. we do not provide supplies to foster-to-adopt families. There are specific circumstances where we cannot offer the foster-to-adopt option. for instance, if you do not live near our partner vets and/or if we cannot financially afford to bring the animal to canada without the full adoption fee being paid. the adoption fee in those circumstances covers the animal's flight, crate & other fees & therefore is essential to the animal's rescue. 

*Note: in both cases, if any vetting is required, we will cover the expenses as long as the animals are seen by our partner vets. we have partner vets in newmarket, mississauga & schomberg. 

Q: how does the adoption process work for animals abroad?

We require an adoption application to be filled out, then we carry out a Phone  interview + home/yard tour virtually, then a reference check, and finally, a legally-binding contract. we do not take rehoming an animal lightly and thus, must ensure they are not going to be rehomed again or experience any further trauma. 

Q: how much does it cost to adopt?

Please see our "Adoption Fees" page

Please Note: we are a non-profit organization & have many local animals in foster homes & in our care. Our only way of covering their medical care, food, & supplies is through donations & adoption fees. 

Q: Do you require the adoption fee prior to adoption? 

Please see Our "Adoption Fees" PAge

Q: Does my new fur baby come vaccinated?

Yes, whether locally or abroad, dogs & Puppies are up-to-date on vaccines (rabies & DA2PP); cats & Kittens are up-to-date on vaccines (rabies & FVRCP)

All animals in our rescue are microchipped.

Q: How do I get my new fur baby if they're abroad?

Once adoption is confirmed, your new fur baby is booked on the next flight/transport to the GTA/Airport. Dogs from tennessee and/or texas are driven to canada & arrive in streetsville, mississauga, where you will meet to pick him/her up on arrival. 

Q: Do you offer support post-adoption? 

It is extremely important that adopters understand that moving to a new home can be a very stressful experience for any animal, even those who have never displayed unwanted behaviours. It is not uncommon for animals to regress or develop new undesirable behaviours in the first weeks of this major transition, so all adopters should be prepared to deal with potential challenges.

Due to the extremely busy nature of our work, and the fact that our team of volunteers remains so small, it is crucial to understand that our expertise is in adopting out animals to appropriate homes; we are not professional animal behavourists or veterinarians.

While we are more than happy to offer advice based on our experiences, we do expect adopters to take full ownership of the efforts needed to correct unwanted behaviours, for example by consulting with professional animal behavourists.

Q: Are you a charity or a non-profit organization?

We are a federally (Canadian) incorporated not-for-profit organization and can be searched in the canadian database of corporations.